Spanish Residency and Work Visa

Spain is definitely on the eye of foreigners looking for another country to have a fresh start or new beginning in their lives. Spanish current legislation foresees different options to immigrate legally to our country according to your personal circumstances and needs.

As a wealthy investor applying for a Spanish Investors Visa in Europe, you will be granted Spanish residency just by investing a specific amount of money in our country and with it, you will be able to apply for the residency of your family members as well under certain conditions. The aforementioned, it is clearly outlined in the Entrepreneurs Law or Ley de Emprendedores in Spanish (Supporting Act of Entrepreneurs and Internationalization 14/2013) where it is stated that if the main applicant of the investor visa can prove that he or she counts with sufficient financial means to cover the expenses of his/her spouse and children under 18 years old, they will be granted Spanish residency too.

Now, this part of the Law doesn’t include parents of the applicant or those children of legal age; thus making necessary a different path so they can reside legally in Spanish territory. In this case, our Law Firm’s immigration attorneys can help them and guide them over the requirements to apply for the corresponding residency and work permit to live in Spain because this permit may vary according to the job the applicant’s plan to develop once he or she is here.

Living and Working in Spain legally

If you want to come to Spain and carry out any professional and lucrative activity, you will have to deal with different paperwork which our experts can help you dealing with. Normally, the documents that you need to present in order to issue a residency and work permit will be similar; however, you shall be aware that the most important is knowing what type of activity you will perform such as self-employment or employed by a third party. Therefore, in order to offer you an overview of the current Spanish legislation in this regard, find below the documents that you shall apply:

– Working for a third party:

If you have managed to get a job in Spain, your future employer shall provide you the following documents so you can reach your legal status to live and work in Spain:

  • An employment contract signed by you and your employer stating the income and time you will be performing such activity with them.
  • CIF number.
  • Supporting documentation stating that the company is up to date with taxes and social security.

– Working as a Self-employed:

Working as a self-employed or “Autónomo” in Spain has become a very common legal figure, for it is used by young entrepreneurs to set up a business or develop specific activities such as teaching, selling or offering dental services. In this case, you shall submit the following documents:

  • Sufficient funds to start the intended lucrative activity.
  • Sufficient funds to cover the applicant’s personal expenses while in Spain.
  • Supporting documentation proving that the applicant’s qualified to develop such activity.
  • NIE and social security number.

– Developing specific activities:

If you are highly qualified to develop a particular activity which has caused that an institution, college or company requires your services, then you will be able to apply for a work permit for the length of time that such institution had asked for. It is normally intended for professors, researchers, military officials, artists, athletes, among others. The said institution shall provide a letter sponsoring your activity in the country and why you were invited to participate.

Our Law Firm’s goal is to help you and your family coming to Spain pursuant to the Spanish Law. Contact us and learn about our services.

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